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  System- Diagram

CDMagic offers you the most comprehensive solution for running a local music-database in the OS/2-/eCS-world. Even in mainstream operating systems there cannot be found a package with comparable features. Heard of iTunes? Judge by yourself!

By utilizing the integrated access to the CDDB-database from the internet you build your personal MP3-database in just a few minutes.

CDMagic is designed to manage very large amounts of titles and albums, so ultimately enables you to move your whole pile of CDs, tapes, LP records and other music media to the digital age. No more 'I would like to listen to xxxx, but I cannot find the CD, LP, tape etc.'. Now you have it all within the reach of a mouseclick!

The program comes with english or german menues and dialoges.

CDMagic is 'Sponsorware' (until ver. 2.999 it is freeware).

Some Program- Screenshots:

CD-Grabbing with CDDB
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